Plymouth to Marion, MA

26 October: Today was another long day on the water. We left Plymouth before 8am, after grabbing coffee at a corner cafe near the dog walking park. The Mayflower replica ship greeted us as we left the marina and motored through the channel (so much easier to navigate in the daylight!).

Strong winds and a favorable swell pushed us at a steady 8 kts (woooo!) all the way to the Cape Cod Canal. We even had our first marine mammal sighting, a harbor seal, off of Manomet. Luna assumed her sleeping position, and Piper curled up under a Mexican blanket. Less panting, but still shaky.

At the Canal, we were 45 minutes early for the current to switch from the east to the west, so we tucked into the Sandwich marina, refueled, dogwalked, and made lunch. By 12pm, we were ready to motor through the Canal.

Sappy side story: Having grown up on the Cape, I LOVED watching boats on the Canal as I drove over the bridge. Now, I was going to be on one of those boats for an intrepid Cape Cod kid to spot! Aw!

Cruising the Cape Cod Canal

Cruising the Cape Cod Canal = one very happy Cape Codder!

My mom drove all the way from Orleans to watch us traverse the Canal. We spotted her at an overlook just past the Sagamore Bridge, and again just before the Bourne Bridge. Thanks Mom!!

Continuing through the Canal, the winds started to pick up. Past Mass Maritime and entering Buzzard’s Bay in the early afternoon, we were in for a bumpy ride – burying the bow once and listening to all of our possessions inside the cabin slam back and forth. Even with doggy lifejackets on, we felt better putting the dogs down below for the Buzzard’s Bay blow.

Driving Hard

Double reefed

It was too early to end the day in Onset, so we braved the waves all the way to Sippacup Harbor, Marion, Massachusetts snagged an open mooring and cleaned up inside the boat, while we waited for my parents to meet us for dinner in Marion.

We did our first inflatable transport of the dogs from a mooring to shore. Again, Luna loved it. Piper needed to be held the whole time… Ran the dogs for a bit, then went out for Bloody Mary’s (with wasabi vodka, who knew?!), and a nice warm meal courtesy of Dick and Linda.

Brought the boat from the mooring to the Marion town pier for the night, and got to show off the Abby B to my parents. Called it an early night – still so tired after two early mornings and two long days.



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