Marion, MA to Point Judith, RI

27 October: Woke up early to unfavorable winds as we tried to jog as far into Rhode Island as possible. Initially, our goal was to get as far as Newport. We pounded into the wind and waves all day, but made decent time and speed, which was too good to give up, even under bumpy conditions. And we had the sun to keep us warm so long as the genny (front sail) didn’t block it too much.

Piper seemed to calm down more today, and slept in her Mexican blanket for most of the trip. Still a wimpy princess, but improving!

By midday, we were passing Newport and decided that we could make it as far as Point Judith, Rhode Island. (Another big day!) Pulled into Point Judith around 5pm and tied up to the fuel dock for the night. (Definitely getting spoiled with dock tie-ups, but it’s just so convenient for the dogs haha). Dinner, bed. Phew!

Point Judith, RI dockage

Point Judith, RI dockage


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