Saybrook, CT

29 October: Slept in today! And decided to take a day off from beating into the wind.

SaybrookWe took the dogs for a short walk that turned into a 5-hour tour de force around Saybrook Point and Old Saybrook. (As it turns out, “Old” Saybrook is a very appropriate name for the town haha.) Weather was BEAUTIFUL! We walked along private golf courses, Sound beaches, lighthouse point, and retaining walls, all the way downtown — Halloween decorations and pumpkins filled neighborhoods. By 3pm-ish, we stopped for drinks and a plate of nachos on the outside patio of the Penny Lane Tavern. It was so nice to explore a new place for the first time during our trip! If only the cold winds didn’t keep reminding us that we need to get south – fast!

Saybrook Dockin'Another cruising sailboat, Sal’s My Gal, was at the end of the marina dock when we returned. The nice older couple on board was also heading south, and hinted at a weather window for the Jersey coast this coming Monday… very interesting… I think we should rename the Abby B to Al’s My Pal.


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