Oyster Bay to Locust Point, Bronx, NY

31 October (Happy Halloween!): Refueled diesel at the Oyster Bay Marina (gotta love New York State fuel prices…) and headed towards the New York City skyline. Destination: Throgg’s Neck, Bronx and the Locust Point Yacht Club.

LoungingOur good friend Sarah, who I went to college with and who worked at the Shoals Marine Lab with us this past summer, has a long-time family membership at LPYC. Given the storm head our way this weekend, her family graciously offered to let us stay at the yacht club until the weather cleared for a New Jersey coast transit (the worst passage of our trip south).

Passing Hart’s Island (Wikipedia it… perfect for a Halloween sail), and City Island, we crossed under the Throgg’s Neck Bridge and anchored to wait for a higher tide in order to clear the channel into LPYC.

Pumpkins ahoy!While making lunch and killing time, we heard a terrifying may-day come over the marine VHF radio. A large sportfishing vessel had struck the rocks somewhere nearby. The Coast Guard kept asking how many people were on board and needed a location. Meanwhile, other mariners in the area were relaying detai ls as this boat started rapidly taking on water. At first, we walked around the deck of the boat with our handheld radio trying to get a good signal. An NYPD boat flew past us under the Throgg’s Neck Bridge. Only then did we notice that we could see the sinking vessel about a half mile away, crushed against the rocks at Stepping Stone Lighthouse. SeaTow tried to pull the boat off of the rocks, but could only move it a couple hundred yards before the boat was lost. What a wild welcome to NYC.

Once the tide came in, Sarah and her dad brought their Whaler out to greet us and led us through a narrow channel into the yacht club. Such incredible hospitality, we cannot thank the Locust Point Yacht Club and Sarah’ family enough! It really was the best spot we could have hoped to end up given incoming bad weather.

Snapchats from Sarah

Snapchats from Sarah

After touring the club house, we ended up all over the easternmost neighborhoods of the Bronx with the dogs: SUNY Maritime (with an awesome under-bridge, elevated park that was once an old fort), past a slew of trick-o-treaters, and we definitely looked like we fit in… haha.

Spare prop for the Abby B? Seems reasonable.

Spare prop for the Abby B? Seems reasonable.

We contemplated going into the city for Halloween — which would have been a blast — but given our exhaustion, we opted for a low-key Halloween night on the boat. I carved a pumpkin and Alex watched. Big night. No costumes were worn. Maybe next year? Anyways, Happy Halloween from your favorite floating family!

Happy Halloween


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