Bronx & Manhattan, New York City

1 November: No sailing today. The daylong rainshowers and 30-40 kt gusts kept the Abby B on the dock all day. Alex and I ventured into Manhattan for the day: Bx8 bus from Locust Point to Westchester Square, and the No. 6 train downtown to Grand Central Station. Destination: American Museum of Natural History (one of my all-time favorite places to visit!!), which was absolutely mobbed on a rainy Saturday but so worth it. Plus, Alex had never been. AMNH-1 AMNH-2 AMNH-3Dinner at Hummus Place for my all-time favorite food. (It must have been ‘Alexa Day’…)

Then the long commute back to the farthest part of the Bronx. We’re not going to sleep much tonight with the heavy gusts shaking the boat around the dock. I couldn’t imagine being anchored somewhere in the East River or Hudson. Love LPYC!!

2 November: Still too stormy to leave but the weather window for the New Jersey coast looks good. Tomorrow is the day to go, or else, get stuck in NYC for another week. Countdown to lift-off!

 Instead of heading into the city, we did lots of boat chores today and tried to save up energy for Jersey tomorrow. Also, the New York City Marathon was today… probably not the best day for Manhattan travel.

Hunkered downDog walk to downtown Throgg’s Neck center, quick grocery shopping trip to stock up on meats and produce. Then drinks at the Locust Point Yacht Club bar… we said we’d only have one drink… haaaa. Nice try! Lots of laughs, good company, story swapping, and a surprise shot of Fireball whiskey later… aren’t we getting up at 5am tomorrow??

Around 9pm Sarah pulled into the yacht club to join our Jersey coast expedition crew at the last minute. We really do have the best friends in the world!

Locust Point Yacht Club


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