Cape May, NJ cont.

4 November, cont.: We dropped Sarah off at the Cape May bus station later that afternoon, sad to see our first kidnapped friend depart. Alex and I took a brisk walk around Cape May very Cape Cod-y, but definitely larger and with a more suburban layout.

Takin' his sweet time...

Takin’ his sweet time… Capt. Sherpa.

Next stop: Luck Bones Backwater Grille for much needed Bloody Mary’s. Heaven in a glass! Literally.

We went back to the boat, walked the dogs, power napped, and met up with Alex’s brother, Adam, who drove all the way from Northern Jersey to see us for this leg of our trip. (Adam had been our valiant chase boat on the Piscataqua for our very first day.) Back to Lucky Bones for way too much food, but so so good. Get the loaded fries appetizer. Just do it. Thanks for dinner Adam!

We really can’t emphasize enough how supportive our family and friends have been throughout our planning stages and sailing journey. We LOVE you all!!!

AND, we ran into Pierre and Alec at Lucky Bones haha.


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