Delaware Bay to Chesapeake City, MD

5 November: Delaware Bay and the C&D Canal today!

Showered for as long as possible at the marina and ran two loads through the washer. No time for drying…

Laundry dryingFlat calm seas – glassy smooth the ENTIRE day. Alex got the autopilot working again (after an unfortunate sitting-and-breaking-the-autopilot-mount-incident… good one Alexa). We dance partied. We tried to stream some Moth podcasts. And there was plenty of family naptime as we cruised up to the C&D Canal entrance. Not terribly eventful, but easy and relaxing, which was all we wanted post-Jersey.

Delaware Bay calmPhoto essay on boat naps with dogs:

Naptime1 Naptime2Naptime4 Naptime3 Naptime5 Naptime6Since the tide didn’t turn until 9pm, it was another late/cold night by the time we started motoring west through the canal. We passed several large tankers and barges brightly lit for their nighttime bay transits.

Delaware Bay at night

The C&D Canal was surprisingly magical at night. Canal lamps (=street lamps) line the entire way, and bridges every mile or so tower above. The only weird part was the utter lack of human life. No cars. No houses. The whole canal seemed almost abandoned…

Around 10pm we docked in Chesapeake City at the town pier, where cruisers can stay for free for 24 hours.


3 thoughts on “Delaware Bay to Chesapeake City, MD

  1. I loved reading about all your adventures so far!! Thank you for sharing!! I cannot believe a boat was sinking as you entered NYC and the Jersey Shore overnight trip sounded brutal- you are definitely all super brave and hard core!! Happy to hear that is behind you!! I look forward to hearing/reading more about your adventures!! We miss you!! xoxo


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