Chesapeake City, MD

6 November: Stayed in Chesapeake City for a well-deserved day off. Slept in. Took a long walk in the rain with the dogs.

Echoing last night’s canal-side observations, the whole town seems empty. Stores don’t open until 11am. Not even Town Hall has lights on before noon. We found a plaque near the waterway that describes how a bridge used to connect Chesapeake City to the other side of the C&D Canal, but in 1948, a bigger (better) bridge was built to replace the old one. The new bridge entirely bypasses Chesapeake City and has left the whole town largely isolated and devoid of visitors… since 1948… so many tragic undertones… 

C&D Canal Bridge

Attempted family photo

Boat tasks and cooking this afternoon. The laundry from yesterday is still very damp haha. By now, two new cruising boats have joined us in Chesapeake City one of them is the boat that passed us in Hell’s Gate, NYC on Monday and sailed the Jersey Coast with us. We have yet to see them emerge from their vessel, and since their running lights are still on in the middle of the afternoon, we’re pretty sure they immediately fell asleep once they got to this free dockage. But we’d love to meet them before we leave in the morning!

Tonight ended with a failed snack mission to the general store. Apparently the store is not very ‘general’ in the goods it sells after all. The only edible item in the store was a $1.50 packet of powdered hot chocolate. We ended the evening watching the movie Looper (see it if you haven’t!) under as many blankets as we could locate on the boat, with Piper placed strategically on top of our feet.


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