Georgetown to Worton’s Creek, MD

10 November: It’s been a very low key weekend. The town is not any busier than when we first arrived haha. We explored about as much of the “town” as possible… given that Georgetown is no more than 2 sq. miles total. But at least it has a nice bamboo forest…?

Bamboo forest

On Sunday, we walked up the hill behind the marina to the Kitty Knight Inn for Sunday Brunch. (The crew at Shoals Marine Lab would have been proud!) I had my first Maryland crab cake and Alex ordered “scrapple.” The other people at the Inn for brunch told us it was a must-try if we were in northern Maryland, but made us promise not to Google it in advance. It definitely tasted sausage-like… probably lots of pig parts, but overall not bad. (We still haven’t Googled it. Sometimes ignorance is bliss!)

For groceries, we walked to the next town over, Galena, MD, which is slightly larger than Georgetown, but not by much. Fields lined the road between Georgetown and Galena: lots of circling vultures and three dead deer. The folks at the market in Galena were extremely nice, and offered to drive us back to the marina or pick us up from the marina anytime we needed provisions, to save us the walk. They even gave Piper and Luna a bowl of water while Alex and I shopped. So warm and welcoming!


We woke up early today (Monday, November 10th) and spent the morning scrubbing the decks… so much dog hair! Finalized some projects that we’ve been putting off, so I guess getting stranded in the middle of nowhere has some project-completion-perks.

Around noon the water pump finally arrived and Alex got to work immediately. SUCCESS! By 2pm we had refueled and were cruising out the Sassafrass back to the Chesapeake.

It was a beautiful, glassy calm night. We tried to get as far as we could until the sky started getting really dark. After a slow passage down Worton’s Creek, we snuck onto a dock in Green Point Landing for the night.

Leaving the SassafrassSassafrass sunset

Chesapeake sunset


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