Deltaville, VA

13 November: After Solomons, we jogged south towards Deltaville, VA. Even with the cold temps, it’s nice to keep moving south and crossing into new state waters. The transit to Deltaville was gray and choppy, but not bad, even with a few light/passing showers. The whole muttley crew cuddled under blankets in the stern:

To Deltaville

To Deltaville 2

Tons and tons of birds flocked at the surface, and Alex had his lure in the water for most of the day… with SUCCESS! A nice striper finally hooked itself on the line! Seafood feast here we come! (Also note, the beard is gaining volume by the day.)


The channel into Jackson Creek in Deltaville, MD is very narrow! It is well marked and dredged to 8-9ft in the middle, but along either side, the sandy/muddy shoals come up to 2ft very quickly. We called ahead to to Deltaville Marina for channel advice, and swung wide on green marker #9 as recommended. Didn’t run aground at all – Go Captain Al!

Once in the creek, we tied up to the town dock to let the dogs off for a bit. A sign at the end of the dock forbids overnight tie-ups (lame!), so we anchored in the cove to the west of the town dock and the Fishing Bay Yacht Club. Makana, a large catamaran we’d met in Georgetown was anchored there as well.

I butchered the striper on deck in the dark haha, and seared it to perfection for dinner. The winds howled all night, up to 30 kts, so neither of us got much sleep, but the anchor held like a champ. (Well done Rocna!)

14 November: We decided to stay in Deltaville another day, given the winds and freezing temps. And we had a birthday to celebrate!

Instead of remaining at anchor, we called the Deltaville Marina around the corner in Jackson Creek and motored over to their dock for the day. The marina has a sweet loaner car, which we used to run errands for most of the morning: West Marine, Nauti Nell’s marine consignment shop, and J&W Seafood market.

Deltaville MarinaNauti Nell'sBirthday lunch

We lounged for most of the day – made lots of food, drank birthday Bloody’s, Alex worked on the outboard engine, snuggled with the pups. At night, we hung out in the marina’s heated lounge with a bunch of other southbound cruisers from all over the world: an older Dutch couple on a beautiful catch, a younger Brazilian couple embarking on a sail around the world, etc. Plus, someone gave us free pizza! And there were warm showers! ‘Twas a Happy Birthday indeed.


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