Northwest Channel and Nassau

Awake before sunrise after a surprisingly good night of sleep (given the previous days sea state across Great Bahama Bank) we parted ways with Tim, Kathy and their dog Shamus, who were headed to Great Harbor in the northern Berry Islands. (You can follow their adventures at

Thankfully, our passage from the Northwest Channel to Nassau was almost perfect! (We even wished for a more wind, which is a rare request when sailing across the open ocean.) The sun was bright and hot, and the seas were smooth all day. Below us, thousands of feet of royal blue waters sparkled with shafts of sunlight.

Just south of Chub Cay, Alex caught a nice 43’ mahi mahi with our lucky pink squid lure. The fish put up quite a fight, and Alex eventually got it on deck to douse its gills with vodka. Piper and Luna had no idea what to make of the green, yellow, and bloody spectacle. Alex and I were beeming! Food for days!

image image image

The entrance to Nassau Harbor was easy, and we radioed Nassau Harbor Control as required. Of course, we had not decided where we were going for the night, and the Harbor Control lady was not pleased that we didn’t have a reservation at a marina already. Oops…


Nassau Yacht Haven became our home for the night, and we found Istar from Provincetown, MA in the slip right next to us. Stormy, Josiah, Nate, and Oriana were nice enough to share some wahoo steaks with us. A terrific fish feast of our mahi and their wahoo filled the Abby B. crew (dogs included) with enough omega-3s to last a year haha.



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